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March 28, 2012
Bulletins Found: 9
1. SAVE THE DATE -- 6/21: Looking at Permanency Planning Through a New Lens Statewide Conference
SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, June 21, for the Permanency Planning Conference 2012....More
2. Q & A With Dr. Perman -- School of Nursing 3/28 "MPOWERING" THE STATE
Join us for a discussion about University of Maryland: MPowering the State, our exciting new alliance with College Park....More
3. How to Assess Benefit Packages with New Job Offers -- 3/28
How are you going to evaluate the benefit packages that comes along with job offers? You need to break down the cost of each of the components -- both the cost to you and the cost to the employer -- to get a picture of the total value. We'll teach yo...More
4. Starting Your Own Garden -- 4/2
Vegetable gardening is an empowering activity for people of all ages and backgrounds. Join Marty Reisinger, a Baltimore City Master Gardner from the University of Maryland Extension Service as he discusses the basics of backyard gardening. ...More
5. Public Transportation Workshop -- 4/2
Tired of paying for parking downtown? Hesitant about riding the bus, light rail, metro or circulator? Join the Sustainability Committee and learn practical tips for using public transportation in Baltimore. ...More
6. MACO Networking Night -- 4/2
You're invited to the Fourth Annual MACO Networking Night -- a terrific opportunity to network with faculty, students and alumni on Monday, April 2!...More
7. AWDE Professional Clothing Drive: Now through March 30
The Alliance for Workforce Development (AWDE) is sponsoring a Professional Clothing Drive. Please consider donating gently-worn professional clothing in support of a local community agency, The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training. The...More
8. Join SWCOS and Junior Achievement for a Day of Financial Literacy Education at Maree Farring - 3/28
On March 28, SSW volunteers (students, alumni, faculty) will engage in a "JA in a Day" volunteer initiative at SWCOS' community school partner Maree Farring Elementary/Middle School. We are looking for more volunteers to participate in this exciting ...More
9. Vagina Monologues -- 3/28
A performance of the Vagina Monologues will be staged at the SMC Campus Center on March 28. The cast is comprised of female students from the different Schools at the University of Maryland....More