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April 26, 2012
Bulletins Found: 5
1. Fisher and Rozeff Present at National Social Work Manager's Conference
Cathy Fisher, Project Director of the Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center (ACCWIC), and Leslie Rozeff, Director of the Child Welfare Academy, will present at the National Social Work Manager's Institute in San Diego....More
2. Maryland Gerontological Association Annual Conference -- 6/7
The Geriatrics and Gerontology Education and Research Program here at the Office of Academic Affairs is offering 5 student scholarships to the Maryland Gerontological Association Conference. The Conference will be held in Catonsville on June 7, 2012...More
3. Unused Medication Disposal Event on Campus -- 4/28
Unused or expired prescription medications in your home pose a danger to you and your family. Join the University Police Force in a national effort to safely dispose of them by bringing your unwanted medications to the police station on April 28....More
4. Student Invitation to Participate: Online Survey - Perspectives of LGBTQ Social Work Students
On behalf of the Education Subcommittee of the Council on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression (CSOGE), you have been invited to offer your valuable opinion in an important study. We are interested in learning more about the perspectives of lesbi...More
Attention all students planning to take part in the School of Social Work's Convocation Ceremony on May 18. Information pertaining to the event is online and should be reviewed....More