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December 1, 2011
Bulletins Found: 7
1. Are You Interested in Learning about Oncology Social Work? - Info Session 12/2
Come to the Panel on Oncology Social Work on December 2 to hear from social workers in different types of Oncology Social Work (OSW) practice....More
2. TODAY: Why Poverty Undermines Justice in America - Thursz Lecture December 1 at SSW
Mark Rank, author of One Nation, Underprivileged: Why American Poverty Affects Us All, presents the 2011 Daniel Thursz Lecture on Social Justice at the SSW today, Thursday, December 1. The lecture is free but registration is required....More
Please note that the dates incorporated include those relevant to both the "Extended" and "Regular" student calendars....More
4. Field Placement Opportunities for Advanced Clinical Aging and Advanced Clinical Health Students
Eight field placement opportunities (with stipends) are available at the Keswick Multi-Care Center and at Union Memorial Medical Center for Advanced Clinical Aging or Advanced Clinical Health Students....More
5. Professor Harris Published in Handbook of International Social Work
Professor Jesse Harris has a chapter on veterans, soldiers, and military families included in the recently published Handbook of International Social Work....More
6. Puppy Love -- 12/1
Finals are right around the corner. Join the Wellness Hub and take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with animals and reduce your stress. Maryland's BARCS will bring its furry friends to the SMC Campus Center for all to enjoy....More
7. Stress Free Zone, Monday 12/5
Take a break from studying with the Wellness Hub! We'll be offering 10-minute seated massages for students during Monday's lunch time. It's first come, first served and massages are limited so make sure to come early to set your appointment!...More