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February 23, 2012
Bulletins Found: 6
1. GIS Users Group Meeting -- 2/23
Mapping Neighborhood Assets: Using data from the Promise Heights neighborhood, Julie Spangler will walk the group through a very simple exercise in mapping neighborhood assets....More
2. Safe Space Training, 2/27
The LGBTQA Safe Space Program trains UM faculty, staff, and students to create a welcoming, affirming and confidential space for LGBTQA individuals to be open and honest about their sexual orientation and gender identity without fear of judgment....More
3. The Urban Composter -- 2/27
How do you start a compost pile and what do you put in it? With workshop leader, Keith Losoya, founder of Waste Neutral, attendees will learn how to compost, why it's an important sustainable practice, and what they can do with composted soil....More
4. International Social Work Career Panel Discussion & Reception -- 2/23
Please join the International Social Work Organization (ISWO) and the Alumni Association for a Career Panel Discussion and Reception....More
5. Lunch Time Research Seminar - Research on the Changing Welfare Population -- 3/8
Research on the Changing Welfare Population: Informing Practice and Policy -- Presenters: Catherine E. Born, PhD; Sarah Williamson, MPP; Letitia Logan, MPP; and Susan Roll, PhD...More
6. Healthy Relationships: Managing Relationships with Family, Friends, and Partners -- 2/23
It's been said that no one is an island. Good relationships are essential to our happiness and emotional health. Attend this session on maintaining and finding healthy relationships from Dr. Jenna Silverman of the UM Counseling Center....More