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April 20, 2012
Bulletins Found: 9
1. Puppy Love -- 5/4
Finals are right around the corner. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with animals and reduce your stress. Maryland's BARCS will bring its furry friends to the SMC Campus Center for all to enjoy....More
2. Knit-a-thon at the SMC for Promise Heights Families: 4/16 Through 4/20
Join CompassionKnit for a Knit-a-thon to make baby items for families in the Promise Heights community. Join us every day this week at the SMC Student Center (on the couches near the TV and fireplace) from 12 to 2 p.m....More
3. 4/13 CSWF Praise Party POSTPONED (NEW DATE 4/27)
The Christian Social Work Fellowship (CSWF) is postponing the 4/13 Praise Party, currently rescheduled for 4/27....More
4. STUDENTS/FACULTY: Jody Olsen Panelist at Nurses for Global Health Conference -- 4/20 at the SMC
Visiting Professor Jody Olsen will be one of a three-person panel at the SON's Nurses for Global Health Conference, discussing from a social worker's perspective, "Global Burden of Chronic Disease." The other panelists will present perspective...More
5. Grads on Track: The Last Mile Motivator -- 4/20
The end of the year is almost here. In this webinar, Coach Susan will look at motivation from different angles and share tips to help attendees boost their motivation and energy....More
6. SSW Sustainability Corner: Transportation Equity
Transportation equity "seeks to ensure that the needs of all communities, particularly low-income communities, are addressed in transportation policy and the transportation process." What can we do to promote transportation equity in Baltimore City?...More
7. Finding Happiness in the Work Place -- 4/30
Our careers are journeys with bumps and bliss. Attend this workshop, with guest speaker Michelle Carlstrom, LCSW, Senior Director of the Johns Hopkins Office of Work, Life and Engagement, and explore the journey of finding happiness in your career. ...More
8. Meet the Dean Forum -- April 23
Join us for a Q&A session with Dean Richard Barth on April 23, from Noon to 1:30 pm, in the SSW Auditorium....More
Students currently completing their final year of school at the School of Social Work program are eligible to participate in a focus group about cultural competency....More