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Continuing Education

Continuing Professional Education

The Office of Continuing Professional Education at the University of Maryland School of Social Work is dedicated to providing lifelong learning of the highest quality to social workers and human services professionals.  The goal of the program is to expand and strengthen professional knowledge and skills at the post-bachelor's and master's level for improved service to clients, organizations, and communities.

Fall 2014 features lots of new opportunities in Children and Adolescents, Couples and Families, Individuals and Adults, Ethics, and Social Administration and Management!

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Customized Workshops
Let the University of Maryland School of Social Work come to you through customized workshops. The Office of Continuing Professional Education can bring quality, university-sponsored workshops to an agency or a group of agencies in a specific area. Customized workshops provide the opportunity for staff to earn continuing education units and to develop their skill set and knowledge base through training that is relevant to their mission and their clients’ needs.

Please contact us to discuss your workshop needs.

Office of Continuing Professional Education
University of Maryland School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, MD 21201–1777
410-706-1839 or 410-706-5004 or 410-706-8325

Advanced Certificate in Forensic Social Work
Forensic social work is the application of social work skills, knowledge and principles within the context of the legal system. It is a new and exciting social work specialization which is growing in prominence as more social workers are integrated into, and promoted within, the court system and the agencies that serve it. The program leading to the Certificate in Forensic Social Work is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required for social workers to practice effectively and to advance to leadership positions within the specialization.

While academically rigorous, the Forensic Social Work Certificate Program is designed to be easily accessible to the social worker who is working fulltime. A social worker with no background in this area could expect to complete the program within a year. Those social workers who have already satisfied certain course requirements will complete the program in less time.

The program consists of successful completion of the following components:

(1) Social Work and the Law
(2) Clinical Forensic Social Work
(3) Seminar in Forensic Work
(4) Skills Lab: Testimony and Working with Attorneys
(5) Work, field or volunteer experience in a forensic setting

Components (1) and (2) are 3 credit classes in the regular MSW curriculum. Together they constitute the basic introduction to the field of forensic social work. They will be offered at a special rate to Certificate participants, who will be assigned to evening or Saturday sections. Any Certificate participant, who has already taken and passed either course within the past 3 years, with a grade of B or better, need not repeat the course.

After completion of (1) and (2), the participant may enroll in the Seminar in Forensic Social Work. The content will cover certain basic areas (e.g. forensically appropriate child interviews, domestic violence, and offender psychology) in greater depth than could be achieved in the introductory classes, with time for those areas of particular interest to the participants. The Skills Lab consists of 2 full days of training on testifying in court and working effectively with lawyers. These days will be scheduled at the convenience of the participants, but will most likely occur on successive weekends ( e.g. 2 Saturdays).

The volunteer experience is required only of those participants who have never had either a field placement or work experience in a forensic setting. The Office of Continuing Professional Education will assist in locating appropriate sites for those participants. Forensic settings include but are not limited to: State’s Attorney’s Offices, the Public Defender’s Office, the Courts, Child Advocacy Centers, Domestic Violence service organizations, Victims Services organizations, Court Medical Services, private law firms, Department of Corrections, Department of Juvenile Services, Department of Social Services, Patuxent Institution, Perkins State Hospital, Police Departments, and certain hospital and private settings.

A social worker with no education or background in forensic social work could complete the Certificate program in one year by successfully completing the following abbreviated and intense courses through the Office of Continuing Professional Education:

--  Social Work and the Law
--  Clinical Forensic Social Work
--  Seminar in Forensic Social Work, Skills Lab, and volunteer experience.

All questions regarding the Certificate in Forensic Social Work Program may be referred to Seante A. Hatcher, LCSW-C. She can be reached at 410-706-7655 or at

The UMB Saratoga Street Garage (220 N. Arch Street, Baltimore, MD 21201) located four blocks from the school is available for parking at $5 per day. Upon request, a “parking voucher” will be available the day of the workshop. Directions to this garage will be emailed with your confirmation letter. No credit/refunds are provided after purchase.

If accommodations are needed for disability, please make request two weeks in advance of workshop date.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

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