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Geoff Greif

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Dr. Geoffrey L. Greif, Professor

Geoff GreifDr. Geoffrey Greif is Professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work where he has worked since 1984.  He was Associate Dean from 1996 to 2007.  He received his MSW from the University of Pennsylvania and his PhD from the Columbia University School of Social Work.  He is the author of more than 100 journal articles and book chapters and twelve books including three that are co-edited.  These include: When Parents Kidnap (co-authored with Dr. Rebecca Hegar); Single Fathers; Beating the Odds: Raising academically successful African American males (written with Drs. Freeman Hrabowski and Ken Maton); Overcoming the Odds: Raising academically successful African American young women (written with Hrabowski, Maton, and Monica Greene); and Group work with populations at risk (co-edited with Dr. Paul Ephross).  Buddy System: Understanding male friendships and Two Plus Two: Couples and their couple friendships (with Dr. Katherine Holtz Deal) were recently published.  He and two close friends from college have reunited recently to play music in their popular college-era band, Kansas City Jammers.  In 2001, he chaired Governor Parris Glendening’s Commission to study sexual orientation discrimination in Maryland.  He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and his work has been cited in major news outlets.  He is a member of various community-based boards, including WYPR, the Baltimore National Public Radio station, the Open Society Institute Leadership Council, and Shriver Hall Concert Series.  He also served on the Board of Social Work Examiners in Maryland.  His current research, teaching, and practice interests include child abduction, family therapy, parenting issues, and adult friendships.  In 2007, he received the Educator of the Year award from the Maryland Chapter of NASW and he received the Board of Regents Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010.  He is the father of two and is married to Maureen Lefton-Greif, PhD, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Contact Information:
Phone: (410) 706.3567
Room: 3W01

Mailing Information:
UM School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

MSW, University of Pennsylvania 
PhD, Columbia University

Expertise and Research Interests:
Family Therapy
Group Work
Child Abduction
Single Parents

Board Member of WYPR, the Baltimore NPR radio station
Open Society Leadership Council
Kansas City Jammers
Shriver Hall Concert Series

Honors and Awards:
University of Maryland Board of Regents Excellence in Teaching Award for 2009-2010
Educator of the Year, Maryland Chapter, NASW 2007
Student Government Association Exemplary Faculty Member, UMB SSW 2005
Who's Who in America, 2006
Who's Who Among America's Teachers (8th Edition), 2006.

Recent Publications:
Greif, G. L. & Deal, K. H. (2012). (Eds). Two plus two: Couples and their couple friendships. Routledge
Greif, G. L. and Ephross, P. (2011) Group Work with Populations at Risk. Third Edition. Oxford University Press (OUP)

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