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Peace Corps and the University of Maryland School of Social Work

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Grad School of Peace Corps... Why Not Do Both?

The University of Maryland School of Social Work in conjunction with the Peace Corps is pleased to announce the availability of a Master's International (MI) program. The University of Maryland SSW Peace Corps MI program will allow students interested in working with children and youth to incorporate 27 months of Peace Corps service into their MSW program. Students in this program will participate in the Master's International program with the Peace Corps and earn a MSW degree from the University of Maryland all in four years.

MSW program students will select the Family and Children Specialization and will be placed in a youth development assignment for their Peace Corps service. The MI program will further enhance learning and skills by giving students an opportunity to complete 27 months of significant international professional experience in a country overseas while addressing youth development.

Read Cristen Cravath's Blog from her current MI experience in Moldova

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Peace Corps Benefits

Language, cross-cultural, and technical training
Travel costs to and from the country of service
Overseas living and housing expenses
Medical and dental coverage
Vacation time
Transition funds of just over $7,000 following service
Career and transition assistance

Program Structure
Students in the MI program will first complete one year of coursework and field placement on campus. Afterward, they will serve overseas in the Peace Corps for 27 months. Students will then return to campus to complete their last year of coursework and field placement.

Course Work
Students will receive six independent study credits for their 27 months of service in the Peace Corps credited when they return to the School for their second year of study.

Program Requirements
--  MSW applicants should apply to the University of Maryland School of Social Work first and upon acceptance apply to the Peace Corps
--  Peace Corps applications should be submitted by September of the Fall Term when applicants begin course work, which is 9-12 months before the desired departure date
--  Applicants must be accepted to both programs
--  Student must enroll in the University of Maryland’s two-year MSW program
--  First year students must select the Family and Children Specialization 
--  Students in the program must complete the requirements for one three hour independent credit their first year of Peace Corps service, and one three hour independent credit their second year of service for a total of two three hour independent study credits .
--  These six hours will be credited to the student fall semester of their second year of academic study. 

Applicants to the PC-MI program are eligible for a variety of competitive and need-based grants, scholarships and loans available to all MSW applicants. In addition, a limited number of scholarships are available to MI students during second semester of their first year of study.

Master's International participants graduate with the combination of an MSW degree and two years of significant international professional experience through the Peace Corps.

Contact Information
For more information about the University of Maryland School of Social Work Peace Corps Master’s International program, contact Jody Olsen at:


Peace Corps Fellows Program

Home  |  Program Descriptions  |  Program Requirements  |  FAQs/How to Apply  |  What Previous Fellows Have Done  

The University of Maryland School of Social Work offers two exciting Fellows/USA options within the Social Work program: Social Work Community Outreach Services (SWCOS) and Public Child Welfare Scholars (Title IV-E) 

Fellows/USA SWCOS, offers $10,000 for up to four qualified field placements, plus other financial aid subject to eligibility. In 2009, the School began an endowment for the SWCOS Fellows program and as this endowment grows, proceeds will provide grants to Peace Corps Fellows for scholarships, seminar fees and travel costs, etc. 

Fellows/USA Title IV-E, the Public Child Welfare Scholars program, offers $8,000 to $9,500 in tuition assistance when in a qualified public child welfare field placement; linkage with Maryland’s Department of Human Resources after graduation for employment; specialized child welfare coursework, field education, and student seminars. It also offers other financial aid subject to eligibility.

Financial Aid: 
Financial aid available for Fellows/USA at the School of Social Work includes six different university-based programs, eleven different Maryland Higher Education Commission grants, work study programs, and four different Federal loan programs.

Scholarships within the School of Social Work include several endowed scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, along with 25 Research Assistant Scholarships ($5,000) and Dean’s Scholarships ($2,500). These scholarships will be available for eligible Fellows/USA students.

A significant additional asset for Fellows/USA students at the School of Social Work is that social work is a licensed profession with an entry level post-MSW license, and non-clinical and clinical advanced licenses earned after two years of supervised practice. Licensure offers Fellows/USA students substantially more professional opportunities after graduation than do some of the other Master’s degrees in the helping professions.