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Student Affairs Office

A Passion and Commitment to Excellence in Education


Assistant Dean - Dawn Shafer
Office: 2W14


Executive Administrative Assistant - Theresa Washington
Room: 2W14 - Kaplan Hall
Phone: (410) 706-5100 Fax (410) 706-7897

New Student Orientation Information  |  Commencement Info  |  SSW Student Affairs Office Brochure pdf file

The UM School of Social Work's Office of Student Affairs primary mission is to provide proactive services and counseling for students to ensure a smoother transition into graduate study and to assist them in earning their degrees. This mission is accomplished by sponsorships of the following services/programs for social work students:

Academic and Personal Counseling
Summer Enrichment Program [SEP] for provisionally admitted students.
Peer to Peer Student Tutoring Program/Writing Skills Instructor
Writing Clinic via campus Student Affairs Office
Events held by the Student Government Association that aid in enriching
the cultural milieu for students in the School

Posting of Employment Opportunities for prospective graduates and alumni.
Annual Job Fair / Career Directory
Career Talks
Social Work Licensure Information

For additional information pertaining to the Office of Student Affairs, please call the office at the number cited above or e-mail your inquiry at or access the "Student Handbook" online. Wishing you the very best in your academic pursuits...we remain YOURS IN SERVICE!