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Helping to Integrate Technology into Social Work Education

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announcementsAnnouncements provides announcements and has been set to bethe default place to open in teh School of Social work.
syllabusSyllabus provides access to the course syllabus, reading materials, databases, files and other materials that will be used throughout the course.
contentContent is where you will find the content material and resources for the course prepared by your instructor. This may be a document in Word, a presentation or links to other materials.This amay also be called the Course Materials button.
discussionsDiscussions or Discussion Boards contain communication tools for discussions on specific forums created by the instructors. When a forum is accessed a list of the different threads in the forum will appear. A thread is a message that is posted to a forum. You can post new threads in a forum and/or reply to threads that have already been posted.
groupsGroups is where you will find Group Email, File Exchange and Group Collaboration Tools which provides chat room facilities and opportunities for you to meet other students in real time.
external linksExternal Links contains useful links to Internet, FTP, and WWW resources relevant to the course. This button may not be there in all courses. 
my grades

My Grades button allows students to check the grades the faculty puts into the Grade center in Blackboard. 

emailEmail button allows you to email students, faculty or individuals within the course.
hide buttonThis button appears at the side of the buttons and allows you to hide or show the buttons.

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