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Blackboard Orientation

Helping to Integrate Technology into Social Work Education

Welcome to The School of Social Work Instructional Design Introductory Training on Blackboard 9.1 for students.

Blackboard 9.1 has several new and updated features. If this is your first time using Blackboard 9.1 please ensure that you go through the various sections of this welcome carefully, especially the Tools available to you in Blackboard. Doing this introductory orientation is highly recommended.

The new version of Blackboard needs newer versions of Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 8.0. To be sure you are using the correct browser please use the attached guide.

There are several resources that go with this course. Please use as many of them as you can and concentrate on the ones that suit you.

If you prefer to print out user guides, the first, dealing with accessing your course is available here. To continue to the next page in the Welcome module, you may now click the Next Page link below, or use the links that appear at the top of this page. About Blackboard is the next page.

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