School Leadership

Judy PostmusJudy L. Postmus, PhD, MSW, Dean and Professor (p) 410-706-7794
Video Introduction to Dean Postmus
Appointed July 2020

Mailing Address:

Judy L. Postmus, PhD, MSW
Dean and Professor
University of Maryland School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Charlotte Bright, MSW, PhD, Associate Dean for the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Education (p) 410-706-3605 

David Flinchbaugh, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations (p) 410-706-2357

Neijma Celestine-Donnor, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Amanda Lehning, MSW, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (p) 410-706-3831

Paul Sacco, MSW, PhD, Associate Dean for Research (p) 410-706-8099 (f) 410-706-6046

Henriette Taylor, Assistant Dean for Student Services (p) 443-571-4386

Carolyn Tice, PhD, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program (UMBC) (p) 410-455-2863 (f) 410-455-2974

Cherita F. Adams, MBA, MS, Assistant Dean for Administration & Strategic Initiatives (p) 410-706-5081

Matt Conn, Assistant Dean of Communications (p) 410-706-4542

Sam Little, PhD, Associate Dean for Field Education (p) 410-706-7187

Bronwyn Mayden, PhD, Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Promise Heights (p) 410-706-2077

David Pitts, MBA, Assistant Dean for Informatics (p) 410-706-3619

Kim Saunders, PhD, Associate Dean of Admissions (p) 410-706-3025

Dawn Shafer, MSW, Associate Dean of Student Affairs (p) 410-706-6992

Clark Shah-Nelson, Assistant Dean of Instructional Design and Technology (p) 410-706-6402

Wendy Shaia, EdD, Executive Director, Social Work Community Outreach Service (p) 410-706-5130

Danielle White, MBA, MS, Assistant Dean of Records and Registration (p) 410-706-6102

Michelle Zabel, Assistant Dean and Director, The Institute for Innovation and Implementation (p) 410-706-8300