School Leadership

Rick BarthRichard P. Barth, PhD, Dean and Professor (p) 410-706-7794 (f) 410-706-0273
Appointed July 2006

Mailing Address:
Richard P. Barth, PhD
Dean and Professor
University of Maryland School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Telephone: 410-706-7794
Fax: 410-706-0273


Charlotte Bright, MSW, PhD, Associate Dean for the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Education (p) 410-706-3605 

David Flinchbaugh, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations (p) 410-706-2357

Henriette Taylor, Assistant Dean for Student Services (p) 443-571-4386

Amanda Lehning, MSW, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (p) 410-706-3831

Paul Sacco, MSW, PhD, Associate Dean for Research (p) 410-706-8099 (f) 410-706-6046

Carolyn Tice, PhD, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program (UMBC) (p) 410-455-2863 (f) 410-455-2974

Cherita F. Adams, MBA, MS, Assistant Dean for Administration & Strategic Initiatives (p) 410-706-5081

Matt Conn, Assistant Dean of Communications (p) 410-706-4542

Sam Little, PhD, Associate Dean for Field Education (p) 410-706-7187

Bronwyn Mayden, PhD, Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Promise Heights (p) 410-706-2077

David Pitts, MBA, Assistant Dean for Informatics (p) 410-706-3619

Kim Saunders, PhD, Associate Dean of Admissions (p) 410-706-3025

Dawn Shafer, MSW, Associate Dean of Student Affairs (p) 410-706-6992

Clark Shah-Nelson, Assistant Dean of Instructional Design and Technology (p) 410-706-6402

Wendy Shaia, EdD, Executive Director, Social Work Community Outreach Service (p) 410-706-5130

Danielle White, MBA, MS, Assistant Dean of Records and Registration (p) 410-706-6102

Michelle Zabel, Assistant Dean and Director, The Institute for Innovation and Implementation (p) 410-706-8300