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Baltimore Ceasefire Weekend May 7-9!

April 27, 2021    |  

The May Ceasefire, held annually on Mother's Day weekend, honors parents who’ve lost children to violence. The School of Social Work is a Ceasefire site. As a Ceasefire site, we ask the School of Social Work community to do three things during the upcoming week of Ceasefire:
1) Change your social media profile to the Ceasefire logo.
2) Go to to learn more about Ceasefire.
3) Plan to take photos of yourself with a parent, parental figure, or your children doing something joyful; reflect together on your shared vision of what a Baltimore with no violence would look like; and post your thoughts and photos (or other artistic expressions!) on social media between May 7-9 tagging #BaltimoreCeasefire
Baltimore cease fire weekend

Baltimore cease fire weekend