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12/2: Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture: Ableism and Health Advocacy

November 2, 2022    |  

Part 1: Ableism 101: Affirming Practice with Disabled People/People with Disabilities* 

Part 2: Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

Historically, Social Workers have received little training and guidance on best practices to support people with disabilities and provide services that are affirming, strengths-based, and accessible. This University of Maryland School of Social Work Daniel Thursz Social Justice Event will be offered as two interactive workshops:  

Ableism 101: This reflective workshop created by students and alumni of the School of Social Work will focus on the ways in which bias and stigma impact us as social workers, offering strategies and exercises to increase awareness of internalized ableism and better engage in anti-oppressive practice in the disability space.   

Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy: A training on Inclusive Health, led by self-advocates from Special Olympics Maryland (SOMD), will work to better prepare social workers to provide supportive, affirmative health services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This training was developed based on interactions of SOMD participants in navigating the healthcare system and engaging with healthcare providers. You will hear different health stories through first-person experiences that highlight the importance of inclusive health practices.   

*To foster a respectful and inclusive environment, we welcome and encourage participants and facilitators to use language that reflects and honors their own experiences. Recognizing that there are different preferences and ways of identifying in the disability community, we’ve included both person-first and identity-first language. If you would like to learn more, we recommend this brief article: 


Special Olympics Maryland, DREAM Disability Justice, the School of Social Work’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 


Ableism 101: Dana Kobrin (alum), Mary McKelvie (alum), Libby Nuss (SSW Student) 

Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy: Adam Hays, Jason Schriml and Kayla Shields

Emcees: Samantha Fuld 

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