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Immigration Issues & the SSW

March 9, 2017    |  

March 8, 2017 

Dear SSW Community,  

The faculty and administration write today to unambiguously reaffirm our collective commitment to creating a sanctuary for our students, staff and faculty where all SSW community members, regardless of immigration or refugee status, can feel safe, secure, included and supported. We want to commend the group of thoughtful MSW students who created and presented their petition for the SSW to become a sanctuary school to the entire faculty. The faculty and administration have agreed to form a work group with students to examine all the ways we can increase our protection of and services to our immigrant and other vulnerable community members.  We do not need to wait for that work to unfold, further.  To that end, we want to promptly reaffirm that even as we comply with federal and state laws we will not engage in the following activities:

  • Permit immigration enforcement authorities to enter the SSW for an enforcement action without a warrant unless there is an exigent circumstance (national security or terrorism matter, risk of death or physical harm, etc.) necessitating immediate action;
  • Voluntarily partner with immigration enforcement authorities to assist with enforcement activities;
  • Detain an immigrant at the request of immigration enforcement authorities;
  • Request and/or share immigration information obtained in connection with a campus arrest;
  • Provide immigration enforcement authorities with student records without a lawfully issued subpoena or court order. 

We also write to highlight the services available on the UMB campus for our community members. If you or someone you know is concerned about how the most recent executive order may affect you, see the Executive Order FAQ, provided by UMB's International Services Department: 

Mental Health and Wellness
Student Counseling Center -

Academic Coaching -
Relaxation Zone -

Employee Assistance Program -
Wellness Hub -    

Immigration Clini
International Services -

Just Advice Project -

Immigration Clinic -  

UMB Office for Student Financial Aid and Education administers a number of emergency bridge loan and small grant funds,

Organizing, Advocacy, and Education
Muslim Student and Scholar Association -
United Students of African Descent -
Jewish Student Association -
Safe Space Training -
Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives -
International Student Organization
Student Development and Leadership 

Moreover, those who want to act collectively to advocate with and on behalf of immigrant communities can find information on such opportunities at the UMB USGA, and the School of Law’s immigration Clinic website: The Immigration Clinic and the Maryland Immigrant Rights Coalition is hosting a forum on March 16th from 4-7 in the School of Law to educate the general public and connect people with volunteer opportunities.  Please register here 

We value the ideas furthered by students during many meetings with faculty and administration as well as during their presentation today to the full Faculty Organization. We look forward to working collectively to strengthen our commitment to social justice through concrete actions. We will continue to keep the entire SSW community informed of our next steps.We are all uniformly committed to addressing our deep concerns about recent changes in federal policy and conduct.  

Sincerely yours,   

Richard Barth on behalf of the Faculty and Administration