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Remembering Geraldine Aronin, MSW '65

October 10, 2016    |  

AroninThe School of Social Work is sad to report that Geraldine "Gerry" Aronin died on Tuesday, September 27.  She was an early graduate of our School (Class of '65) and had an amazing career of leadership in social services and social justice movements.  Just a bit of this is summarized in this excerpt from the description of Gerry that was created for our 50th Anniversary events in 2012, as Gerry was one of the School's 50 "Heroes for Justice."
Gerry was the first Director of Community Services in the Baltimore City Department of Social Services.  There, she created the Emergency Services Program and directed a new federal demonstration program, "The Family Living Program" which was designed to help families on welfare to achieve independence.
In 1971, Gerry was chosen as the Director of Program Planning and Evaluation in Maryland's new Department of Human Resources (DHR).  By 1981, she was appointed DHR Deputy Secretary.  Even in retirement, she was a leader, tireless advocate, and supporter of the School.  Gerry served on the Maryland Board of Regents, the Board of the Women's Law Center, and as the legislative affairs officer for NASW-MD.  She constantly looked for opportunities to find ways to assist those less fortunate.

Read the Baltimore Sun article on her life.

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Photo Below: United States Senator and SSW Alumna Barbara Mikulski (left) with MSW ’65 Classmate Gerry Aronin. Both were honored as “Heroes for Justice” at the School’s 50th Anniversary in 2012.