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At the University of Maryland School of Social Work, our faculty members are consistently ranked among the most active and productive social work scholars and researchers in the nation.

Not only are our faculty engaged in teaching, research, and practice, but they are also accessible and dedicated to meeting students' needs outside of the classroom.


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Haksoon Ahn

Haksoon Ahn, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Child Welfare and Family Welfare; Quality Assurance (QA) and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in Child Welfare; Family-Centered Practice (FCP), Foster Parents; Welfare Policy, Poverty, Inequality, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Child Care; Economic Analysis, Administrative data; US Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Panel Data

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-4704  | Room: 3W09


Richard P. Barth, Dean of the School of Social Work and Professor

Research Interests: He has directed more than 50 studies and perhaps, most significantly, served as Principal Investigator of Berkeley’s Child Welfare Research Center from 1990 to 1996 and as Co-Principal Investigator of the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being, the first national study of child welfare services in the US.

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-7794 | Room: 5E14A


John Belcher

John R. Belcher, Professor‌

Research Interests: Children, Youth, and Families; Community, Poverty, and Social Justice; Crime/Criminal Justice/Delinquency; Health; Homelessness; Housing; Management; Mental Health; Policy; Religion; Substance Abuse; Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs; Violence

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3613 | Room: 3E11


Mel Bellin

Melissa Bellin, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Child and Family Adaptation to Chronic Illness and Disability; Developmental Disabilities; Family Centered Care; Interdisciplinary Collaboration; Social Work Practice in Health Care

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-4409 | Room: 3E43


Aaron Betsinger headshot

Aaron Betsinger, Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Juvenile Justice; Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System; Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices; Federal Criminal Sentencing



Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-4174 | Room: 3rd Floor


Lisa Berlin

Lisa Berlin, Professor

Research Interests: Infant-Parent Attachment; Early Parenting; Prevention of Child Maltreatment; Home Visiting; Program Evaluation

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-6392 | Room: 3E29-D


Tony Bonadio Headshot

Tony Bonadio, Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Improving effectiveness and efficiency of mental health treatment for children, adolescents, and families in community, school, and primary care settings through the applied use of empirical data; comparative effectiveness research; program evaluation; community psychology; assessment and psychometrics; multivariate statistics and mixture modeling techniques.



Email: | Phone: 410-706-4882

Charlotte Bright

Charlotte Bright, Associate Dean for Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Education

Research Interests: Gender and Juvenile Justice; Child Maltreatment; Interpersonal Trauma; Adolescent and Young Adult Development; Service Implementation; Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3605 | Room: 511 LAW/SSW


Caroline Long Burry, Associate Professor & Chair of the Families and Children Specialization

Research Interests: Adoption; Foster Care; Evidence-Informed Practices in Child Welfare; Parental Incarceration; Prenatal Substance Exposure



Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3509 | Room: 5E39


John Cagle

John Cagle, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Hospice and Palliative Care; Psychosocial Aspects of Pain and Pain Management; Caregiving at the End of Life; The Intersection of Aging, Health and Palliative Care; End-of-Life Care in Long Term Care Settings; The Economic Impact of End-of-Life Care on Families



Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-6106 | Room: 3W13


Christine Callahan

Christine Callahan, Research Associate Professor

Research Interests: Financial Social Work




Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-7051 | Room: 3W23


Franklin Chappell

Franklin Chappell, Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Field Education

Research Interests: Social Work Field Education, Health Issues, Loss and Grief



Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3600 | Room: 5E30


Christabel Cheung Headshot

Christabel Cheung, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Cancer Support, Health Disparities, Social Determinants, Health Care Delivery and Access, Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology, Financial Social Work, Military Social Work, and Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations.


Email:  |  Phone: 410-706-7011  |  Room: 3W04


Denise Chop 200px

Denise Chop, Clinical Instructor and Coordinator for Field Education

Research Interests: Field Education, Children and Families and Child Welfare





Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-4552 | Room: 5E31


Kathryn S. Collins headshot

Kathryn S. Collins, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Violence Exposure and Trauma Symptomatology; Mental Health and Disability Policies; Cognitive/Narrative Evidence Based Interventions in Social Work Education, Research and Practice; Feminist Pedagogy



Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-0814 | Room: 3E29G


Jaih Craddock

Jaih Craddock, Assistant Professor

Research interest: Social Influences; Decision-making; Social Network Analysis; HIV/AIDS; Sexual Health within Black Communities; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Justice; Multimedia-based Intervention Development  




Email: | Phone: (410)-706-7022 | Room: 5E15



Sarah Dababnah

Sarah Dababnah, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Services and Support for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; Child and Adolescent Mental Health; Sceening of Autism Spectrum Disorders; Early Intervention Services for Young; Children with or At Risk for Developmental Disabilities; Health-Related Issues of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Caregivers; Evidence-based Practices; Disability and Mental Health Policy; Cross-Cultural Comparisons; Global Disability Issues; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods


Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-8076 | Room: 5E39


Joan Davitt

Joan Davitt, Associate Professor and Chair of Aging Specialization

Research Interests: Aging; Home Care; Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Home Health Care




Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-5116 | Room: 3W11


Bruce DeForge

Bruce R. DeForge, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Medical Sociology – Social Psychological Aspects of Health, Health Attitudes/Beliefs, Health Status, Quality of Life, Social/Psychological Well-Being, Health Disparities; Health Literacy; Sociology of Mental Health (stigma); Social Psychology (attitudes and public opinion, self-concept); Homelessness; Mental Health Policy


Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-5612 | Room: 3E13


Diblasio Headshot

Frederick A. DiBlasio, Professor

Research Interests: Clinical Use of Forgiveness; Clinical Practice Issues




Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-7799 | Room: 5E43

Nancy Dickinson

Nancy S. Dickinson, Clinical Professor

Research Interests: Leadership in Child Welfare; Child Welfare Research; Child Welfare Education and Training | Phone:(410) 706-3740 | Room:546 LAW/SSW