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At the University of Maryland School of Social Work, our faculty members are consistently ranked among the most active and productive social work scholars and researchers in the nation.

Not only are our faculty engaged in teaching, research, and practice, but they are also accessible and dedicated to meeting students' needs outside of the classroom.


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Melissa Smith

Melissa Edmondson Smith, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Severe Mental Illness; African Americans with Schizophrenia; Ethnic Minorities with Schizophrenia; Mental Health Treatment Outcomes; Mental Health Services Research



Email: | Phone: (410) 706-5107 | Room: 3W15


Jill Farrell

Jill Farrell, Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Juvenile Justice; Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices; Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System; Program Evaluation; Using Data to Inform Policy; Workforce Development



Email: | Phone: (410) 706-6693 | Room: 306 W.Redwood


Nadine Finigan

Nadine Finigan-Carr, Research Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the RYC

Research Interests: Public Health Social Work; Adolescent Risk Behaviors– sexual reproductive health, aggression and violence, substance use; ChildWelfare; Child Sex Trafficking; Parent Engagement | Phone:(410) 706-7157 | Room:SSW/LAW 517

Pamela Clarkson Freeman

Pamela Clarkson Freeman, Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Program Evaluation and Quantitative Methods; Applied Statistics; Intervention Research with At-risk Youth and Families; Social Work Practice with Children; Trauma Focused CBT, Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Wrap-Around Services for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma  | Phone:(410)-706-6349| Room:SSW/Law 509


Jodi Frey

Jodi Jacobson Frey, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs); Health and Productivity Management; Financial Capability and Economic Well-Being; Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3607 | Room: 3W08


Debbie Gioia

Deborah Gioia, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Schizophrenia and Vocational Identity; Evidence-Based Practice Adoption by Mental Health Practitioners; Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood; Veteran’s Mental Health; First Episode Psychosis

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-7765 | Room: 3W16


Elizabeth Greeno Headshot

Elizabeth Greeno, Research Associate Professor

Research Interests: Child Welfare; Trauma; Child Abuse & Neglect; Child Welfare; WorkforceMental Health

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-4259 | Room: 306 W.Redwood


Geoff Greif

Geoffrey L. Greif, Professor

Research Interests: Family Therapy; Group Work; Child Abduction; Single Parents; Friendships

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3567 | Room: 3W01


Angela Henneberger

Angela K. Henneberger, Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Positive Youth Development; Peer Relationships; At-Risk Youth; Academic Development; Social Development; Causal Inference; Advanced Statistical Methods

Email: | Phone: (410) 706-6341 | Room: LAW/SSW COO6-B


Mary Hodorowicz

Mary Hodorowicz

Research Interests: Social Work Teaching and Training Methods, Child Maltreatment Prevention, Substance Use, Mental and Behavioral Health Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, and Child Welfare, Adoption, and At-Risk Youth Populations.








Karen Hopkins

Karen Hopkins, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Organizational Learning, Capacity-building, and Development; Management Practices that Enhance Worker Well-Being and Performance; Workforce Development, Performance Management; Program Evaluation

Email: | Phone: (410) 706-1496 | Room: 3E29-C