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At the University of Maryland School of Social Work, our faculty members are consistently ranked among the most active and productive social work scholars and researchers in the nation.

Not only are our faculty engaged in teaching, research, and practice, but they are also accessible and dedicated to meeting students' needs outside of the classroom.


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Patricia Headshot

Patricia Quinn-Stabile, Clinical Instructor

Research Interests: Substance Use Disorders in adults and adolescents, non- profit program administration, workforce development, field education, clinical supervision, ethics, legislative processes and policy, parenting medically fragile children, transition of medically fragile children to adult health care systems, tele-behavioral health.



Email: | Phone: 410-706-4538 | Room: COO5 SSW/LAW


Rose, Roderick

Roderick Rose, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Youth in foster care, with an emphasis on behavioral health; Program evaluation; Advanced methods for social work research




Email: | Phone: (410) 706-7023 | Room: 511 SSW/LAW


Theda Rose

Theda Rose, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Adolescent Mental Health Promotion; Measurement of Adolescent Mental Wellbeing; School and Community-based Adolescent Mental Health Promotion Interventions; Positive Youth Development; Program Evaluation; Public Health Social Work

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-4127 | Room: 3W07


Paul Sacco

Paul Sacco, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Alcohol and Drug Use; Pathological and Problem Gambling; Aging and Life Course Development; Latent Variable Methodology

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-8099 | Room: 5E21


Adam Schneider Headshot

Adam Schneider, Clinical Instructor

Research Interests: Homelessness, Public Policy, Public Health

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-6391 | Room: 3W25


Shaia, Wendy

Wendy Shaia, Clinical Associate Professor and Executive Director of SWCOS

Research Interests: Race and equity; Poverty and social justice; Black and African-American children with autism; Single parenting children of color; Organizational development.

Email: | Phone: 410-706-5130 | Room: SWCOS

Terry Shaw

Terry V. Shaw, Associate Professor and Director, Research Division, Institute for Innovation and Implementation

Research Interests: Child Welfare; Advanced Statistical Methods with Administrative Data; Environmental Issues Into Social Work Policy & Practice; Child Welfare Outcomes and Accountability; Adoption and Other Avenues to Permanency; Using Data to Inform Policy

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-3811 | Room: SSW/LAW 559


Corey Shdaimah

Corey Shdaimah, Daniel Thursz Distinguished Professor of Social Justice, Academic Coordinator for the MSW/JD & MSW/MPP Dual Degree Programs

Research Interests: Street-based Sex Work; Court-Affiliated Prostitution Diversion Programs; Child Care Policy; Theory and practice knowledge

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-7544 | Room: 3W17


Everett Smith

Everett Smith, Director of Tele-Behavioral Health Education

Research Interests: Anti-oppressive social work, family therapy, field education, mental health issues and trauma, youth development and family needs.




Email: | Phone: 410-706-1880 | Office: 5E37


Melissa Smith

Melissa Edmondson Smith, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Community-based mental heath services; Black populations diagnosed with serious mental illnesses; Youth and young adults at clinical high risk for psychosis; The intersection of race, ethnicity, sociocultural factors and serious mental illness across the life span; Qualitative and mixed methods research




Email: | Phone: (410) 706-5107 | Room: 3W15


Peter Smith headshot

Peter Smith, Clinical Instructor

Research Interests: Theory Development, Emotional Systems Theory, Object Relations Theory, Clinical Practice, Human Behavior Theories, and the Interface of Religion and Mental Health.

Email:  | Phone: (410) 706-5120 | Room: 2E15

Michelle Tuten

Michelle Tuten, Associate Professor

Research Interests: Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse

Email: | Phone: (410) 706-7519 | Room: 5E28