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Kearley BrookBrook Kearley, Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Phone: 410-706-2382
Room: 306 W. Redwood Street
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University of Maryland
School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 2120

Brook Kearley is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and research faculty at The Institute for Innovation and Implementation. She was a dissertation fellow of the National Institute of Justice and received her Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland in 2017. Dr. Kearley’s research interests include criminal and juvenile justice policy and program evaluation with a focus on substance use and delinquency prevention and intervention programs. She has expertise in experimental methods, with over 15 years’ experience managing randomized field trials and multi-site evaluations. Dr. Kearley's recent research has appeared in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention Science, and Criminology and Public Policy.


Ph.D. University of Maryland
M.A.  University of Maryland
B.A. University of South Florida

Expertise & Research Interests

Evaluation of Substance Use and Delinquency Prevention and Intervention Programs
Implementation of Evidence Based Programs
Experimental Methods
Longitudinal Research

Recent Publications

Kearley, B. and Gottfredson, D. (2019). Long Term Effects of Drug Court Participation: Evidence from a 15-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 16: 27-47. 

Kearley, B., Cosgrove, J., Wimberly, A., Gottfredson, D. (2019). The Impact of Drug Court Participation on Mortality: 15-Year Outcomes from a Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 105: 12-18. 

Gottfredson, D., Kearley, B., Thornberry, T. Slothower, M. Devlin, D. and Fader, J. (2018). Scaling Up Evidence-Based Programs Using a Public Funding Stream: A Randomized Trial of Functional Family Therapy for Court-Involved Youth.  Prevention Science, 19(7): 939-953. 

Thornberry, T., Kearley, B., Gottfredson, D., Slothower, M., Devlin, D. and Fader, J.  (2018). Reducing Crime Among Youth at Risk for Gang Involvement: A Randomized Trial.  Criminology and Public Policy, 17(4): 953-989.                                    

Kirk, D., Barnes, G., Hyatt, J. and Kearley, B. (2018).  The Impact of Residential Change and Housing Stability on Recidivism: Pilot Results from the Maryland Opportunities Through Vouchers Experiment (MOVE).  Journal of Experimental Criminology, 14(2): 213-226.


National Institute of Justice Dissertation Fellowship