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Kyla Liggett-Creel HeadshotKyla Liggett-Creel, Clinical Associate Professor

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Phone: 410-706-1099
Room: 2W04
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Dr. Kyla Liggett-Creel is an Associate Clinical Professor at the School of Social Work, University of Maryland. Dr. Liggett-Creel has over 20 years of experience building partnerships with community groups and working with underserved populations. She served as a Senior Clinical Social Worker at the Center for Infant Studies for three years offering community-based mental health consultation and training to Baltimore City Head Starts. She was previously a Supervising Clinical Social Worker at Kennedy Krieger Institute for nine years (1999-2008) and coordinated a clinic for children between the ages of birth to five as well as creating a clinic for Deaf and Hard of Hearing families who have experienced trauma. Her bachelor’s degree is from the University of Maryland, College Park and master’s degree in social work is from Smith College School of Social Work. She has an earned PhD from the School of Social work, University of Maryland, Baltimore. Her dissertation focused on implementing parenting programs in urban environments through partnering with community residents.

Dr. Liggett-Creel has presented for organizations across the State of Maryland on issues related to trauma, attachment, and development. She has offered consultation to Baltimore City agencies including the Mayor’s Children’s Cabinet, Boys and Young Men of Color Cabinet, Mayor’s Office of African American Male Engagement, Baltimore City Health Department, and the Elijah Cummings Trauma Informed Taskforce. Dr. Liggett-Creel has offered consultation and capacity building to over sixty community-based organizations including grassroots, non-profits, and residents in Baltimore City. Dr. Liggett-Creel served as the Director of Research and Evaluation for the Promise Heights Program until 2020. She is now leading The Collaborative: A Healing Centered Community which partners with community groups, grassroots organizations, governmental organizations, other Universities, and non-profits to address equity and violence prevention in Baltimore City.


Ph.D. University of Maryland, Baltimore

MSW. School of Social Work, Smith College

B.S. University of Maryland, College Park

Recent Publications

Liggett-Creel, K., Barth, R. P., Mayden, B., & Pitts, B. E. (2017). The Parent University Program: Factors predicting change in responsive parenting behaviors. Children And Youth Services Review8110-20. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.07.017

Liggett-Creel, K. (2016). The Parent University Program: Factors predicting change in responsive parenting behaviors. Dissertation, University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Barth, R. & Liggett-Creel (2014). Common components of parenting programs for children birth to eight years of age involved with child welfare services. Children and Youth Services Review, 40, 6-12.

Connors, K. M., Lertora, J. & Liggett-Creel, K. (2011).  Group Work with Children Impacted by Sexual Abuse.  In G. L. Greif & P. H. Eprhoss (eds.). Group Work with Populations at Risk, 3rd edition.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Liggett-Creel, K. (2000). The collaboration realities of the urban African American Protestant church with social workers in the fight against youth violence: a project based upon an independent investigation. Master’s thesis- Smith College School for Social Work.