Megan Meyer

Megan MeyerMegan Meyer, Associate Professor

Contact Information:
Phone: (410) 706.5635
Room: 5E06
Meyer CV

Mailing Information:
UM School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201


MSW; PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Honors and Awards

2012 NASW-MD Educator of the Year
2011 Dean's Teaching Award

2010 UMB Campus Teacher of the Year Award, Nominated

2010 Student Government Association Teacher of the Year Award

2009 Dean's Teaching Award

Expertise and Research Interests

Community Organizing and Advocacy
Community-University Partnerships
Human Service Organizations
Qualitative Research

Social Capital Development

Social Movements


Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Associations
Association of Community Organization and Social Administration

Council on Social Work Education

National Association of Social Workers
Society for Social Work Research

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals
Hyde, Cheryl A., Karen Hopkins and Megan Meyer (In press). “Pre-capacity Building in Loosely-coupled Community-University Partnerships: Opportunities and Obstacles." Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Collaboration, Participation and Technology.

Karen Hopkins, Meyer, Megan, Sharp, Jason, and Sheffield, Katie (In press). “Increasing both Organizational and Client Capacities During Tough Economic Times: An Examination of the Consumer and Incentive-based Ambassador Volunteer Program.” Journal of Community Practice.

Hyde, Cheryl. A. and Meyer, Megan. (2010) “Does Attitudinal Consensus Lead to Neighborhood Collaboration?: An Exploratory Analysis of an Urban Community.” Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment 20(1): 56-73.

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Meyer, Megan (2004). “Organizational identity, political contexts, and SMO action: Explaining the tactical choices made by peace organizations in Israel, Northern Ireland, and South Africa.” Social Movement Studies 3 (2): 167-196.

Meyer, Megan and Cheryl A. Hyde (2004). “Too Much of a “Good” Thing?: Insular Neighborhood Associations, Non-Reciprocal Civility and the Promotion of Civic Health.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 33(3): 77-96.

Ernst, Joy, Megan Meyer, and Diane DePanfilis (2004). “The Effects of Structural Characteristics of Housing on Adequacy of Physical Child Care: An Exploratory Analysis.” Child Welfare 83(5): 437-452.

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Book Reviews
Meyer, Megan (2011). Review of For the Love of God: NGOs and Religious Identity in a Violent World by Shawn Teresa Flanigan. Social Service Review, 85 (1): 166-69.

Meyer, Megan (2006). Review of Analytical Skills for Community Organization Practice by Donna Hardina. Journal of Community Practice 14(3): 130-132.

Meyer, Megan (2005). Review of Kitchen Capitalism: Microenterprise in Low-Income Households by Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Cynthia Sanders, and Michael Sherraden. Social Service Review, 79(3): 562-64.

Meyer, Megan, Michael Reisch, Jane Lipscomb et al. (2010). UMB at a Crossroads: Opportunities for Expanding Community-University Health Partnerships.

Meyer, Megan. “Hybrid Human Service Organizations: The Costs and Benefits of Combining Service and Advocacy.”

Hyde, Cheryl, Karen Hopkins & Megan Meyer. “We know we need help, but we don’t know with what: Precapacity building through grassroots research collaborations.”

Hyde, Cheryl A. and Megan Meyer. “Does Neighborhood Attitudinal Consensus Lead to Neighborhood Collaboration?: An Exploratory Analysis of an Urban Community.”