Global Opportunities

UMB and the School of Social Work share a strong and growing focus on global educational experiences. The SSW offers courses which include international travel and an international field placement program. Athough the Covid-19 pandemic has suspended travel for an extended period, it appears likely that student travel will resume in 2022.

In addition, the SSW offers a variety of classroom courses supportive of global social work, including “Comparative Social Policy,” “Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees,” and “International Social Work.”

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SSW Courses with International Travel: Each year, the SSW typically offers one or more specialized courses that include campus classes and short-term travel to another  country. Recent courses have focused on social justice, health research, and comparative social work practice with concomitant travel to India, Botswana, and Israel.

SSW International Field Placement Program (IFPP): International Advanced field placements are offered in London, UK and Cochin, India. Students live on campus  at the partnering university and take MSW courses in the social work department there. Field placements are arranged in local agencies based upon the students’  Concentrations and Specializations.

In both locations, students are in residence for five to six months and complete 18 credits towards their advanced curriculum including their complete Advanced field practicum requirement. These placements begin in summer and extend through the fall semester. Interested students complete an application and interview as part of the selection process, followed by preparation and teambuilding activities.

For more information about IFPP, contact: 
Caroline Long, PhD, MSW