The 27-credit Foundation Curriculum provides educational and skills development in the values, concepts, and processes that are the core of social work practice. Coursework in human behavior and the social environment, social work practice, social policy, structural oppression, and research helps students develop a problem-solving framework with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. Students also complete a two-semester field practicum, taken two days a week, in a social service placement where, with the help of a field instructor, they engage in carefully supervised and progressively more responsible social work practice. In the second semester, students may take one advanced courses for which the prerequisites are met. For more information please refer to curriculum overviews online.

The goal of the Foundation Curriculum is to provide students with a sound, broad base for future practice in any concentration and specialization. 


SOWK 600 - Social Welfare and Social Policy - 3

SOWK 610 - Structural Oppression and its Implications for Social Work - 3

SOWK 630 - Social Work Practice with Individuals (taken with SOWK 635) - 3

SOWK 631 - Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations (taken with SOWK 635) - 3

SOWK 632 - Social Work Practice with Groups and Families (taken with SOWK 636) - 3

SOWK 635 - Foundation Field Practicum & Seminar I- 3

SOWK 636 - Foundation Field Practicum & Seminar II - 3

SOWK 645 - Human Behavior & the Social Environment - 3

SOWK 670 - Social Work Research - 3