Application Requirements

The minimum requirements for consideration for admission to the Master of Social Work program are:

❖    A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university

❖    A minimum of 60 credits in the area of liberal arts

❖    A minimum 3.0 GPA on the last 60 credits of the bachelor’s degree

❖    Students with GPA of 2.5 or below must take the GRE or MAT examination and it is recommended

       for GPA’s below 3.0.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit a *complete application for the appropriate program, term, and year in advance of the application deadlines below for best consideration:

Requirements Available
Foundation Baltimore
  1. Answer 3 personal statement questions.
  2. 2 professional references.
  3. Current chronological resume.
  4. All official transcripts.
  5. Application fee.

(part-time only)



Nov 7 (Extended) Mar 31 (Extended)
Foundation Shady Grove Same as Foundation Baltimore

Advanced Standing Baltimore
  1. Answer 3 personal statement questions.
  2. Case plan.
  3. 1 professional reference                          
  4. Recommendation form from Field Supervisor (completed by the supervisor at the field placement). 
  5. Recommendation from BSW Chair Person.
  6. Current chronological resume.
  7. All official transcripts.
  8. Application fee.

(part-time only)



Nov 7 (Extended) Feb 1
Advanced Standing Shady Grove Same as Advanced Standing Baltimore


Transfer Baltimore
  1. Answer 3 personal statement questions.
  2. Transfer statement.
  3. 2 professional references.
    • 1 from faculty advisor re: academic standing
  4. Copy of field evaluation (if applicable)
  5. Current chronological resume.
  6. All official transcripts.
  7. Application fee.

(part-time only)


Nov 7 (Extended)

Mar 31 (Extended)

*Complete applications include a submitted online application ($65 fee required), uploaded all required references and transcripts, and any other documentation required of that specific applicant (i.e. W.E.S. evaluation, TOEFL, Criminal Conviction, etc.).

December graduates are only eligible for Fall.

Undergraduates who do not complete their degree by May 31st are NOT eligible for Fall.

Applicants must already have their undergraduate degree to be eligible for the Spring term.

BSW students beginning a block field placement in the Spring are NOT eligible for Fall.

Applicants may only submit one application for each admission cycle (spring/fall of upcoming year).

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