International Employee Assistance Program Certificate Program

EAPs in the New Millennium This online course presents a conceptual framework involved with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) from a global perspective.

Essential EAP components, policy issues along with relevant legal issues, EAP clinical assessment, responding to critical incidents and evaluation methodologies will be included.

COURSE II: EAP Optional Services This online course presents an overview of current EAP services offered in addition to traditional counseling and problem resolution. It is important for EAP practitioners to be familiar with all of these services as the workplace requests them. EAPs expanded their services as the market demanded. This course will focus on the role of the EAP dealing with substance abuse in the workplace, workplace violence and sexual harassment, domestic violence in the workplace, child care services, elder care services as well as financial and legal consultation. Lastly, it will discuss wellness programs and new technologies in delivering EAP services.   

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EAP Cancellation Policy:
•             All cancellations will receive a $75 administrative fee deducted from the refunded amount.
•             If participants would like to postpone a class, there is a $50 administrative fee.
•             Class postponements are not granted after the class begins.