Motivational Interviewing Certificate Program

Instructor: Mary Hodorowicz, LCSW-C

This certificate program is designed to provide not only the resources and information necessary for gaining MI knowledge through course content, but also the opportunity for practicing and improving actual MI skills. This will be accomplished through experiential learning activities, feedback and coaching. The structure of the course was created with the working professional in mind, with a combination of in-person and online classes using a variety of teaching methods.

MI adherent skills of participants will be evaluated prior to the first class and then again, after course completion, so participants will have a concrete measure of their MI skill development from start to finish. Topics from Core Concepts to Managing the “Mandated Client” will be covered. This program is appropriate for social workers with a range of prior MI knowledge and experience. Additionally, with sessions on ethics, supervision, and leadership, this program contains information relevant to social workers in direct practice or administration and management. To maximize individualized feedback and coaching opportunities, space is limited to 30 participants and only those enrolled in the program will be permitted to participate in the sessions.

Motivational Interviewing Foundational Knowledge
Into to the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Coding
Identifying and Eliciting Change Talk
Managing the “Mandated” Client
Experiential Learning Practice
“Stuck Spots”: Resolving Ambivalence
Motivational Interviewing with Diverse Populations:
Cultural Adaptability and Appropriateness
MI Skills and Macro Practice: Relevance to Leadership and Organizing
Supervising MI Work and Using MI in Supervision
Ethical Considerations with Motivational Interviewing


This training program is not a qualification to enter the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).

Preparing an application for MINT membership will be discussed briefly in the workshop, and these training hours and your pre and post test scores could be included in support of your application.

References are required for MINT membership and, pending successful completion of the training program and demonstration of trainer abilities, you can request that from the instructor.

Mary Hodorowicz, LCSW-C, is in the MINT and could be a personal reference for your MINT application. This request must be made in writing to Mary after program completion. Mary reserves the right to deny requests for references.

Information about how to enter the MINT can be found at