Substance Use Disorder Assessment and Treatment Certificate Program

As part of a broader effort to advance the knowledge and science of treating substance use disorders (SUDs), the UMSSW is launching a certificate program focused on the evidence-based assessment and treatment of SUDs.

The certificate program is designed for clinicians, across a range of treatment settings, who provide services to individuals with SUDs. The program is well-suited for clinicians seeking advanced competencies in evidence-based approaches for engaging and retaining clients in SUD treatment and for enhancing SUD treatment outcomes.

Program participants will engage in didactic and experiential learning in the following content areas: screening and assessment of substance misuse and SUDs; the neurobehavioral effects of substance use; major drug classifications, routes of drug administration and drug intoxication effects; evidence-supported interventions (including pharmacological treatment, Motivational Interviewing (MI), cognitive-behavioral interventions, and motivational incentives) for treating SUDs; opioid overdose prevention and treatment; health and treatment disparities among specific populations with SUDs, and ethical considerations in SUD treatment delivery.



Program participants will learn:

1) The current “state of knowledge” related to substance use disorders (SUDs) and emerging directions in science and treatment;

2) How to identify evidence-supported screening and assessment tools and how to apply essential skills for conducting screening and assessment

3) Select major drug classifications, routes of drug administration, and intoxication effects

4)The principles and techniques of example evidence-supported interventions for treating SUDs

6) The impact of factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and co-occurring disorders on SUD treatment access and outcomes

7) The treatment barriers and needs of pregnant and parenting women

8) Frequently encountered ethical issues related to the delivery of SUD-related services.