Macro [See Macro web site]
Chair:  Adam Schneider and Rebecca Davis, MSW
The Macro concentration prepares graduates for careers that improve organizations, communities, and society through positive social change. Macro social workers are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century with knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed through a diverse curriculum, internship, called a field practicum, and other opportunities offered by our program.

Dynamic leadership, stakeholder engagement, resource development, program management, and policy analysis will enable graduates to solve today’s biggest problems with creativity and a commitment to social justice. Although not required, students are encouraged to select an area of focus in one of three practice areas: 1) Community Action, 2) Organizational Leadership, and 3) Policy Advocacy.

Secondary Concentration Option
It is also possible to elect a secondary concentration in conjunction with a primary one. A secondary concentration will expose the student to some of the content from the other concentration through study in two courses.

A student interested in this educational plan would satisfy all of the requirements for either the clinical or Macro concentration, including the diversity requirement. The student would also complete two courses from the other concentration. Thirty-six advanced credits are required at a minimum. Students choosing a secondary concentration must develop their plan of study carefully.