Exemption Exams

All entering students are eligible to take exemption examinations for three foundation courses:

SOWK 600—Social Welfare and Social Policy [3 credits]

SOWK  645—Human Behavior and the Social Environment [3 credits]

SOWK 670—Social Work Research [3 credits]

The exemption exams offer the opportunity for enrolling students who believe they have already covered foundation content in these courses to place-out of one or more of them. Students who place out of a course by successfully passing the exemption exam must take another elective course in its place. Therefore, those who qualify for exemptions must still complete 60 credits at the School to earn the MSW degree. What is changed by successful exemption is the distribution of credits, enabling students to increase the number of elective credits. Students who are exempted from courses should consult the academic advisor for special assistance in program planning.

Exemption examinations are given in June and January each year and may be taken only once. Students who have attended a class at the SSW are not eligible to take an exemption exam. 


January 8-9, 2018
May 23-25, 2018

Please e-mail Janice Hicks at jhicks@ssw.umaryland.edu or call her at 410-706-5102 with the day, time, and which exam you would like to take. The deadline for pre-registration is three days prior to the beginning of each set of exams.