The 60 credit degree in Baltimore can be earned in 1 to 4 years and will prepare you to become licensed in any state to practice social work as an MSW graduate. If you earned a bachelor's degree in social work within 5 years of entering our MSW program, you may be eligible to complete our Advanced Standing program in less than a year.
Students can concentrate in Macro and/or Clinical social work and can specialize in Aging, Behavioral Health, Community Action and Social Policy, Families and Children, and Health.
Additionally, interested students can participate in one of our 4 Dual Degree Programs:

  • MSW and Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service (Towson University)
  • MSW and Juris Doctor (UMB School of Law)
  • MSW and MBA (UM Robert H. Smith School of Business)
  • MSW and MPH (UMB School of Medicine OR Johns Hopkins University)

One of the distinctive components of a Master of Social Work program is the field practicum requirement. Students are required to complete a 2-day per week field placement in the first year and a 3-day per week field placement in the advanced year. Practically speaking, this makes working a full time job extremely challenging. You are required to dedicate 16 to 24 hours per week to a field placement, usually in the daytime between 8am-6pm.
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