BHWISE Learning Collaborative

Primary care clinics have increasingly employed social workers to provide a range of behavioral health assessments and interventions. Similarly, once exclusive behavioral health agencies are incorporating primary care services, recognizing the need for holistic, integrated care for individuals. The BHWISE Learning Collaborative will provide an environment where a small group of professionals engaged in behavioral health integration can interact, problem-solve, and further their capacity to provide integrated care and work collaboratively across professions. 

The goal of the Learning Collaborative is to offer field instructors - along with their interprofessional agency champions of behavioral health integration - an opportunity to discuss topics related to integrated behavioral health. Learning Collaborative members meet regularly to share their professional expertise and experiences, and to address issues that may arise within integrated settings, while also supporting professional and agency development.

Learning Collaborative members will receive a stipend for their participation.

BHWISE Learning Collaborative Commitment:

  • Four Quarterly Meetings
  • Attendance at one student seminar with the opportunity to present on a topic of interest related to integrated behavioral health
  • AND/OR Facilitate a case-based student small group discussion

Join the BHWISE Learning Collaborative:

If you are interested in learning more about the Learning Collaborative, or would like to join the group, please contact:

Michele Beaulieu, LCSW-C
BHWISE Program Director
University of Maryland School of Social Work
525 W. Redwood Street, Room 3E09
Baltimore, MD 21201