In order to qualify for this program, an applicant must have a career focus in the behavioral health/health field. Student must complete all requirements in the academic year.  Other requirements include:

  • Completing a Clinical Methods course.
  • Completing a Clinical Methods course on evidence-based behavioral health interventions(e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, or Core Concept in Trauma Treatment, Clinical Social Work with Addictive Behaviors.  This is not a complete list).
  • Completing a 1-credit Inter-professional course offered on campus OR participating in another interprofessional experiences (e.g., UMB’s President’s Clinic, UMB’s Inter-professional Competition, etc);
  • Successfully completing the BHWISE IOWA approved Advanced Field Placement for the academic year.
  • Attending six monthly seminars to integrate your field experience and receive additional education on integrated behavioral health topics.

Signing a commitment letter, stating intent to pursue employment in behavioral health, including substance use disorder treatment, especially with underserved populations upon graduation.