In order to qualify for this program, an applicant must have a career focus in the behavioral health field. Students must complete all requirements in the academic year.  Other requirements include: 

  • Completing a Clinical Methods course. 
  • Completing a Clinical Methods course on evidence-based behavioral health interventions (e.g. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, or Core Concept in Trauma Treatment, Clinical Social Work with Addictive Behaviors.  This is not a complete list). 
  • Completing 1 Interprofessional Experience (IPE) activity offered on campus (e.g., UMB’s President’s Clinic, UMB’s Inter-professional Competition, etc.) OR participating in another approved interprofessional experience.   
  • Successful completion of the BHWISE-IOWA approved Advanced Field Placement for the academic year. 
  • Attending six monthly seminars (3 during Fall semester, 3 during Spring semester) to integrate your field experience and receive additional education on interprofessional behavioral health topics.  Seminars will include students from social work, nursing, and psychiatric resident.  Seminars are generally held on Monday evenings.