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Conversations in Financial Security in Response to COVID-19:

  1. Building Financial Security in a COVID-19 World: Triage, Recover, Stabilize. In Conversation with Ida Rademacher, Vice President at The Aspen Institute and Joanna Smith-Ramani, Managing Director at The Aspen Institute, on Wednesday, April 15 at 1 pm Eastern.  
  2. Stress Test: People, Technology, and the Safety Net in Response to COVID-19, on Wednesday, April 29.  
  3. The State of Housing: Will Cancelling Rent and Halting Evictions Lead to Recovery? On Wednesday, May 6.  
  4. Cash Infusions: Stability Now, Security Later, on Wednesday, May 13.  
  5. Student Loan Debt: Is Cancellation What Our Economy Needs? On Wednesday, May 20.  
  6. Managing, Collecting, and Forgiving Consumer Debt: Lessons for Policymakers and Business Leaders, on Wednesday, May 27.  
  7. Paid Leave, Livable Wage, Affordable Care: Policies that Could Avert the Next Crisis, on Wednesday, June 3.  
  8. Emergency Savings – Are we Re-Learning Lessons or Have we Reached its Limits? On Wednesday, June 10. 
  9. When Retirement Savings meets Economic Crisis: Lessons from COVID-19, on Wednesday, June 17.