In alignment with the overarching missions and goals of the School of Social Work, the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) is charged with providing strategic leadership, supporting the DEI efforts of units across the School of Social Work, DEI programming and initiative and promoting accountability.

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Strategic Leadership ODEI provides strategic leadership and expertise and supports the efforts of units across the school to achieve their diversity, equity and inclusion goals.
DEI Programs and Initiatives ODEI collaborates with unit across the school to develop student, faculty and staff programs and initiatives focused on social justice, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, racial healing, and culturally humble conduct.
DEI Training and Consultation ODEI provides training and consultation to units across SSW on diversity, equity and inclusion related matters.
Accountability, Data and Assessment ODEI collects and analyzes data to ensure accountability on strategic priorities as well as to evaluate DEI trends and needs

 Our strategic opportunities include: community engagement, training, accountability, equity & access, data collection