Executive Committee Candidates

Candidate for Chair

Shawn Thornton

Thorton, Shawn

I would like to have the opportunity to collaborate with my co-workers and administrators to find ways to improve the climate and culture here at The School of Social Work. In addition, I would like to work with individuals to find areas in which we could improve their working environment. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with such a great group of people over the last two years and would like to be able to give back in some way.



Candidate for Vice-Chair

Shannon DeGross

Shannon DeGross

The culture around the building has not always allowed for staff to have a positive forum to present their issues and concerns to management. I feel a Staff Council that is governed by a board that will have the power to take their concerns directly to management in a effort to bring about change that staff members can see and feel throughout the building will boost morale tremendously. Having the position of Vice Chair would allow me to be directly involved in helping my fellow coworkers think through ideas and proposals to present to management in a positive and constructive manner. My goal as Vice Chair would be to bring about a culture of inclusion for all staff no matter what the job title.


Candidate for Communications

Coretta Mckenzie

Coretta Mckenzie Headshot

I believe I would be perfect for the position because I feel I have the background and skill set required to carry out the tasks that would be involved with position. I come with a plethora of skill sets that would be an asset to this position.



Candidates for Secretary

Roxannne Goodwin

Goodwin, Roxie

Hello fellow SSW co-workers, my name is Roxie. I've been a part of the Child Welfare Academy (CWA) team for the past year. I am interested in being considered for an Executive Board position because I would like to be part of the process that ensures that staff have a voice at the table when decisions are being made. If there is an idea that someone has, staff need to know that someone will listen. If there is a concern that someone has, staff should have options about where to voice their concerns. Serving will also allow me to get to know and work with other SSW staff.




Nakiya Schurman

Nakiyah Schruman Headshot

Thank you for this very exciting opportunity to be part of the Staff Council! I have long been a champion of the existence of a Council and therefore I want to jump at the chance to actually serve on the Executive Board. I specifically would like to serve as Secretary because anyone who knows and works with me has seen how I enjoy taking notes and aim to be the de facto keeper of a committee’s memory any chance I can get.