University of Maryland School of Social Work MSW Program Field Seminar

Field seminar is an opportunity for MSW students to meet in small groups to discuss their field experiences.  During the course of the foundation field placement at UMSSW, foundation students will participate in monthly, facilitated, small group seminars intentionally designed to include conversations about difference, anti-oppression, privilege and cultural humility. 

Seminar Objectives

 In field seminar, students will:

  1. Become oriented to the principles and practice of social work.
  2. Practice critical self-reflection to improve self-awareness, and awareness of the impact of self on developing professional identity.
  3. Discuss issues of oppression, privilege and cultural humility, and integrate the practice of critical self-reflection within an anti-oppression, culturally humble framework.
  4. Bridge material learned in class with the practical application of that material and other practices in field.
  5. Discuss experiences and troubleshoot issues in field.


Field Seminar Details
  • Field liaison seminar instructors will lead monthly seminars.
  • Seminar pacing follows the flow of the student field experience, and uses inquiry-based learning, adult learning, and problem-based learning models.
  • A detailed facilitator guide provides baseline consistency of seminar content and topics among seminar groups.
  • Blackboard will house materials, activities and other resources for field liaison seminar instructors to help them prepare themselves, and support their preparation for seminar.
  • Modified field education assignments and assessments ensure evidence of student inclusion of critical self-reflection and anti-oppressive practices:
    • Process recordings and monthly reports will include an identity awareness/social justice reflection pre- and post-interview.
    • Fall and Spring semester field assessments will include liaison review of student attendance and participation in seminar.
  • Preparation of field liaison seminar instructors will begin with an intensive training on July 29-30, 2019, and will be on-going throughout the year in routine coaching circles and on-going professional development.
    • Initial intensive training includes:
      • Navigating conversations about difference, anti-oppression, privilege and cultural humility
      • Overview of UMSSW methods and diversity course content
      • Skills for bridging and integrating course content with emerging practice
      • Review of facilitator guide
      • Instruction on use of video conference technology

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