Student Orientations

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Academic School Year.  Field Orientation is mandatory for Advanced Standing students and Foundation students entering field for the first time.  Advanced Standing students are those students admitted with a BSW and will complete the program in one year.   

The Student Field Orientation is comprised of two parts. Part 1 is a series of short videos, and Part 2  is a “live zoom meeting”/Student Field Orientation, which you were are required to attend for one day during the week of August 16. Students must watch pre-orientation videos prior to attending orientation.  If you have not watched the video (videos) or registered for orientation please click the link below. 

  • Part 1: Watch Pre-Orientation videos.  To access the Field Pre-Orientation short videos click here.
  • Pre-Orientation video handout can be accessed here: Pre-Orientation Video Handouts 2021 
  • Part 2: Attend LIVE ZOOM Student Field Orientation the week of August 16th 
  • Attendance at the LIVE ZOOM Student Field Orientation is mandatory and you are required to attend one of the sessions during the week of August 16th.  If you have not already done so, please click one of the links below to register.  In the event that you are unable to attend one of the sessions of the Student Field orientation please email the office at fieldeducation@ssw.umaryland.edu as soon as possible.  

The dates for Orientation are as follows:  

New Field Instructor Orientation Materials

If you are a NEW Field Instructor with the SSW the New Field Instructor Orientation is a Two-part Process:  
  • Part 1. (REQUIRED): Watch the list of short videos identified above and posted on the SSW website at your own pace (preferably prior to the start of field.) To view, the videos click the links below:  
  • Part 2 (OPTIONAL): After you have reviewed the videos you are invited to attend a live webinar meeting with other New Field Instructors and SSW Field Education Faculty where you will receive answers to any of your questions while we review the central field instructor and student expectations. The New Field Instructor Orientation Live-Webinar is not eligible for CEUs. Eligible workshops are on topics applicable for all social work professionals and not limited to field education.  
You may register for one of the New Field Instructor Orientation Live Webinars on one of the following dates: