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Financial Social Work
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MSW Students

Advancing Economic Stability


Financial Social Work Opportunities for MSW Students

Social Work Community Outreach Service (SCWOS) Financial Social Work Field Placements�

All Fields Placements Must Be Arranged Through the School's Field Education Office.� Do not contact the agencies below on your own to arrange a placement.�

1.� /media/ssw/migration---sep-11-115916/fsw/students/files/FinancialFitnessIntern.doc - Maryland CASH Campaign

2.� /media/ssw/migration---sep-11-115916/fsw/students/files/PolicyResearchAdvocacyIntern.doc - Maryland CASH Campaign

3.� SWCOS Financial Social Work with United Way

4.� SWCOS Neighborhood Fellows placement at the Baltimore CASH Campaign

5.� ReServe

6.� Maryland Community Fellows - Maryland CASH Campaign

7.� Johns Hopkins Institutions, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

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