Blackboard Info

Blackboard 9.1 is the current School of Social Work learning management system. 
We highly recommend the Google Chrome browser for Blackboard.
Please note that tablets such as iPads and other mobile apps and devices may not be fully supported at this time. 


Log in to Blackboard with your UMID:

For faculty access to Blackboard, faculty must be in the HRMIS system. This means you are on the University payroll (all paperwork is in). To find out if you are in the system you can search the directory by your last name. Without being in the system you would not be able to access Blackboard.

All SSW courses have corresponding Blackboard course shells created. Requests for a Blackboard sites that are not regular courses in the schedule, such as an organization site for a committee or group, or a resource course site should be done by using this form



Blackboard Emergency?

Is Blackboard down? Won't load? Can't log in?
Contact UMB CITS Helpdesk:



Course problem? Quiz problem? Assignment problem? Questions about using Bb?
Contact SSW IDEA Team:

First Time Users

To ensure that you can access to the library and to blackboard and such, you need to set up accounts with the university and with the school. This requires you to be in the directory and have email at the school.

To be valid in the dicrectory all HR processes must be completed. If you need access before these processes are completed please contact Gene Severance for affiliate status and once you have this you can contact the instructional technology (IDEA) team via email at

While working at the School of Social Work you are requested to use the SSW email account. It’s the official means of communication in the school. A. Dean of Informatics Dave Pitts creates new email accounts at the school level- you can contact him via email at

The University will put you in Blackboard, which can be accessed using the MyUMID. You can set up your username and password in the university MyUMB account by going to Blackboard and choosing FIRST TIME USER, SETUP YOUR PASSWORD.

  • Open the Chrome or Firefox browser (please do not use Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • Type in in the location bar
  • Click on ‘First Time User, Setup Your Password’ and follow the instructions to set it up.
  • Once you have your username and password return to the login screen.
  • Put in the username and password you have selected
  • If you have problems please contact the CIT's helpdesk at 410-706 HELP.

To use Blackboard ensure that you have the latest Chrome or Firefox browser.