About Our Graduates

Franklin, Elizabeth

Elizabeth F. Franklin

Dissertation Title: Beyond Efficacy, Toxicity, and Cost: Patients Define Cancer Care Value in the United States

Dissertation Committee: Co-chairs: Dr. Corey Shdaimah and Dr. Bruce DeForge Members: Dr. Jennifer Swanberg, Dr. Christine Callahan, and Dr. Eleanor Perfetto


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Hageman, Sally

Sally A. Hageman

Dissertation Title: Health Savings Account Effects on Health and Debt

Dissertation Committee: Terry Shaw (Chair); Jodi Frey, Bruce DeForge, Paul Sacco, Jason Purnell


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Joonyup Lee

Joonyup Lee

Dissertation Title: Examination of Social Exclusion as a Construct and Its Impact on Mortality and Survival Time among Older Adults

Dissertation Committee: Dr. John G. Cagle, Dr. Bruce DeForge (Co-Chairs), Dr. Charlotte Bright, Dr. Amanda Lehning, Dr. Christine Mair


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Kerry Lee

Kerry A. Lee

Dissertation Title: The interrelationships of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), alcohol use in adulthood, and intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration among Black men in the United States

Dissertation Committee: Charlotte Lyn Bright, PhD (Chair), Paul Sacco, PhD; Melissa Smith, PhD; Laura Ting, PhD; Christopher Murphy, PhD


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Margolis, Rachel

Rachel H.F. Margolis

Dissertation title: Relationship Between Caregiver Social Support, Depressive Symptoms, and Child Asthma Outcomes in Low-Income, Urban, African American Families

Dissertation committee: Dr. Melissa Bellin & Dr. Sarah Dababnah (co-chairs), Dr. Paul Sacco, Dr. Brenda Jones Harden, and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Bollinger

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Nicole Mattocks

Nicole Mattocks

Dissertation Title:  Neighborhood Disorder and Mental Health Among a Sample of Baltimore City Residents:  The Influence of Urban Parks, Social Cohesion and Social Control

Dissertation Committee: Megan Meyer & Amanda Lehning (Co-Chairs), Jay Unick, Terry Shaw, Christine Mair


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Dori Sneddon

Dori Sneddon

Dissertation Title: Community-level and individual-level predictors of variation in rates of homelessness among youth transitioning out of foster care

Dissertation Committee: Dr. Charlotte Bright (Chair), Dr. Bethany Lee, Dr. Jay Unick, Associate Professor, Dr. Tammy White, Dr. Melissa Brodowski,


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