Joonyup Lee

I would like to thank my dissertation chair Dr. John G. Cagle, who has been my invaluable mentor and friend. For the last seven years, as my chair, GRA advisor, and TA advisor, he gave me immeasurable amounts of advice and support that helped my Ph.D. journey and life. He also laid the foundations for my future professional career.


I would also like to thank Dr. Bruce DeForge. He gladly accepted my sudden request to be my co-chair. He offered me new perspectives and advice on my dissertation. As a result, my dissertation has become more complete.


My dissertation would not have been possible without the other committee members. Dr. Charlotte Bright gave advice in statistical methods and guided me through overall process of the dissertation journey. Also, a clear definition is the basis of research. Dr. Amanda Lehning made me rethink the definition of social exclusion. I was able to clarify the concept of social exclusion even more by thinking about similarities and differences from similar concepts. This process allowed me to lay the foundation for my research. I needed to look at social exclusion from different perspectives because it is a subject that is not often dealt with in social work research. In this regard, Dr. Christine Mair provided a broader perspective of advice beyond the social work perspectives. A new perspective gives me a more objective view of social exclusion. Thank you to all my committee members for your feedback and comments.


I could not have finished this journey without my colleagues, called CORE 5, Dr. Andrew Winters, Dr. Emily Smith Goering, Dr. Lisa Fedina, and Dr. Sally Hageman. Since 2013, we walked through this tough journey together. They always gave me tremendous emotional support. Their professional attitude and great personality made me a better person. I miss you all.


As an academic services specialist, Jennifer “Jen” Canapp gladly gave me tremendous support. Whenever I had questions, even silly questions, she always had the answer. Her support helped me concentrate on my course work, papers, and dissertation. Thank you for your help.


My friends and my beloved Bae in Korea were always there. Although physical distance was far, psychological distance was always close. Korean student in my school helped me relieve my stress. We could sympathize with each other and feel companionship just because we are studying abroad.


Last but not least, nobody has been more important to me in this journey than my family. I would like to thank my mother. My Ph.D. degree is consequence of your love and commitment.