Approved Courses

UM SSW PhD Approved Courses


NURS 811 Measurement of Nursing Phenomena Dr. Louise Jenkins
NURS 812 Seminar in Nursing Measurement
NURS 820  Meta-Analysis – Dr. Karen Soeken
NURS 826  Structural Modeling in Health Care Research Dr. Karen Soeken
NURS 830 Large Health Care Databases
LAW 534  Mental disability and Criminal Law
LAW  548  Critical Issues in Health Care


ANTH 419/Socy 419/Socy 619  Qualitative Methods in Social Research  Dr. Kevin Eckert
EDUC 605 (The Adult Learner) Dr. Greg Williams
GERO 703  Policy Analysis of Aging Issues  Dr. Nancy Miller
GERO 786 Psyc Aspects of Aging
GEOG 386/686  Intro to Geographic information Systems
PSYC 680 Personality
PSYC  695 Addictive Behaviors
PSYC 715  Measurement of Behavior
SOCY 629 Aging in Cultural Context
SOCY 630  Sociology of Aging
SOCY 698 Performance Assessment


AMST 629 The Body, Sexuality, and Society   Dr. Struna
EPIB 623 Epidemiology of Health Disparities  Dr. Olivia Carter-Polras
PSYCH 611 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 819-D Personality and Development: Attachment Across the Lifespan  Dr. Jude Cassidy
PUAF 735  Health Policy   Dr. R. Sprinkle
SOCY 644: Gender, Work, and Family  Prof. Harriet B. Presser
SOCY 699  War, the State and Society  Dr. Meyer Kesenbaum
SOCY 699  Space and Places     Dr. George Ritzer
SOCY 699  Theories of Globalization   Dr. George Ritzer
WMST 602  Feminist Theory through and beyond critique  Dr. Katie King
WMST 698G Gender, Globalization, and Transnational Feminist Movements  Dr. Claire G. Moses


APPL 642.185  Motivation/Satisfaction/Leadership   Dr. Tom Mitchell  UB