Travel Fellowship Application

To encourage student participation in professional societies and scientific meetings, the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work provides travel fellowships. The purpose of these fellowships is to aid students who would be unable to attend the meeting without incurring financial hardship. A student may only receive one fellowship per academic year (July - June). The fellowship is for a maximum of $600.00. Fellowship applications are submitted online and sent to the PhD Program Director for review. All of the following will be taken into consideration in making decisions regarding allocation of funds:

--  whether you will be presenting at the conference;
--  whether you have other sources of funds to support conference attendance;
--  how many conferences you have attended during the past year;
--  how close you are to your expected graduation date

The application must be completely filled out. Any incomplete applications will be returned. Since the fellowship is intended to support students who will experience financial hardship by attending a meeting, expenses, such as food, lodging, transportation to and from the meeting, and registration fees are reimbursable. Rental cars, except in rare cases, are generally not considered necessary for attendance at a scientific meeting. We reserve the right to award fellowships as we deem necessary. All decisions are final.

Funds authorized for the conference will be reimbursed after the conference upon submittal of the reimbursement form (online submission through UM Portal) and all appropriate documentation of monetary outlays (e.g., hotel, food, transportation bills, etc.)

Travel Fellowship Awards
Up to 12 travel fellowships of $600.00 are made available to PhD students in the School of Social Work each year. These fellowships are funded by the School of Social Work. The aim of the Travel Fellowship is to encourage PhD students to attend professional conferences, and more specifically, to present their work at these conferences.

Policies and Procedures
Travel fellowships are reported at PPC meetings following their submission. If a travel fellowship is awarded, the student is required to complete an etravel request form prior to the travel dates and must submit an online expense reimbursement form (for expenses up to $600.00), after the trip is completed.
Reimbursement requests must be completed within 60 days of travel.*** Please see the PhD Program Coordinator for assistance.


Factors that are taken into consideration in awarding travel fellowship include:

1. Applications from students who are presenting papers have priority over those from students who are attending meetings without making presentations.
2. Applications from students who have submitted papers that were not accepted will have priority over those from students who have not submitted papers.
3. Applications from students who are attending (presenting) at SSWR or CSWE will have priority over those from students attending other meetings.
4. Applications from students who are more advanced in the program will have priority over those from students who are less advanced.
5. Applications from students who have not received a travel fellowship in the current year will have priority over those from students who have already received a travel fellowship.