Hyun-Jin Jun

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Hyun-Jin Jun is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Maryland School of Social Work (UMB SSW). She completed two MSW programs in Korea and in the U.S.A. (Washington University in St. Louis) and received her PhD degrees from UMB.

Her research focuses primarily on the intersection of health, mental health, behavioral addictive and risk behaviors, and substance use in adolescents and adults. Specifically, she has conducted research on the alcohol use and internalizing and externalizing behaviors among adolescents and emerging adults, with particular attention towards implications for prevention. She has focused on identifying complex relations and gender differences among addictive and risk behaviors as well as health and mental health comorbidity.

Her extensive research experience since her graduate education has given her a diverse set of training opportunities in advanced analytical methods (e.g., structural equation and multiple group modeling) and statistical software such as SAS, Mplus, and SPSS. She also has experience with mixed methods research design.

She is currently working on research projects regarding 1) risk and protective factors of mental health conditions, and 2) prevalence and trends of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Her research goals include the effective prevention and interventions aiming to ameliorate the mental health issues and adverse consequences associated with addictive and risk behaviors.