Results Framework

The Promise Neighborhoods program is designed around a Results Framework with ten results that each community aims to achieve — from children being ready for kindergarten to families and community members supporting learning in Promise Neighborhoods schools.

Progress in achieving these ten results is measured using specific indicators. Promise Neighborhoods also recognizes that each community is unique and provides flexibility for how results will be achieved. 

Our Impact

Please click the links below to view data on the Promise Heights Promise Neighborhoods performance indicators as of June 30, 2021.

1) Children enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school

2) Students are proficient in core academic subjects

a.       Math

b.       English

3) Students successfully transition from middle school grades to high school

a.       Attendance 

b.       Chronic absenteeism


4) Youth graduate from high school


5) High school graduates obtain a post-secondary degree, certification or credential

a.       College enrollment within 16 months after graduation


6) Students are healthy

a.       Healthy diet


7) Students feel safe at school and in their community


8) Students Live in Stable Communities

a.       Student mobility


9) Families and community members support learning in Promise Neighborhood Schools

a.       Student reading habits

b.       Encouragement from family about college and career


10) Students have access to 21st century learning tools

a.       Access to a computer and the internet

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