Community Outreach Efforts

Historically, the University of Maryland has contributed its expertise and talent to the surrounding communities.  Social work faculty, staff, and students participate in community outreach programs and research projects that fulfill a wide range of social needs. For social work students in particular, the surrounding communities become extensions of classroom learning. Students can choose from a long list of field placements in urban, suburban, and rural areas, where they assist children, adults, and the elderly.

See the links below for more specific information on our community outreach efforts at the School of Social Work.

Family Connections

Family Connections at Baltimore (FCB) is an agency of the University of Maryland School of Social Work (UM SSW) Ruth H. Young Center for Families and Children.

FCB began in 1996, when Drs. Diane DePanfilis and Howard Dubowitz developed the Family Connections intervention model to provide research-based in-home early intervention services, grounded in neglect prevention science, for families living in Baltimore, Maryland. Since that time there have been a number of replications and modifications of the FC model and FCB has engaged in a variety of service interventions, research activities, teaching and learning collaborative, including initiatives that inform policy development.  

More information on Family Connections here.

Financial Social Work Initiative

The Financial Social Work Initiative will serve as a platform from which the University of Maryland School of Social Work will undertake a leadership role in building economic strength in communities. Capitalizing on both its academic infrastructure and community outreach services, the School will accelerate the integration of social work practice and theory into the evolving fields of individual and community wealth building.

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Grandparent Family Connections

Grandparent Family Connections (GFC) was initiated with a grant award from the United States Department of Health and Human Services Children’s Bureau to serve grandparent headed households (2003-2008).  Since that time, a focus on serving grandparent headed households has continued.  

More information on GFC here.

Promise Heights

The University of Maryland, Baltimore has partnered with community based non-profits and faith-based organizations to improve the educational, social, health, and economic opportunities of children from birth to young adulthood in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Upton/Druid Heights. Entitled, Promise Heights, the partnership is led by the School of Social Work and is creating a pipeline of interconnected services that begins with prenatal care and continues through college to career. Promise Heights seeks to surround children and families with a holistic set of supports that enable them to succeed at home, in school, and in the community.

By leveraging resources to develop and implement a long-term strategic plan, Promise Heights expects to bring about transformational change in the lives of socioeconomically disadvantaged children and families. Its evidence-based and evidence informed services incorporate elements of best-practice models while building on the strengths, assets, and knowledge of local stakeholders. Promise Heights continuously evaluates each of its program to ensure that they are making progress toward our goal of getting thousands of Baltimore’s children to graduate from high school into college and to enter a productive career.

For more information on Promise Heights

Public Allies

Public Allies Maryland is a program of the Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS) of the University of Maryland School of Social Work. 

Public Allies Maryland delivers innovative forms of public service throughout Maryland by providing leadership experiences and professional training to a diverse group of future leaders.  We place these young leaders in community based organizations and public agencies to build the organization’s capacity to serve their communities better. We also work to mentor those organizations to become stable and sustainable. 

Public Allies Maryland builds leaders and strengthens organizations to effect positive change in communities.

More information on Public Allies.

Ruth H. Young Center for Families and Children

We strive to promote the safety, permanence and stability, and well-being of children, youth, and families in their communities through education and training;research and evaluation; and best practice service programs. 

More information on the Ruth H. Young Center.

Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS)

The Social Work Community Outreach Service [SWCOS] concentrates its efforts in vulnerable communities with people who have been marginalized to:

  • Identify and build the capacities of individuals, families, communities and community based organizations to solve their problems;
  • Demonstrate that the problems our society faces are solvable by creating, implementing, evaluating and publicizing model solutions;
  • Demonstrate to the larger society that all of its members have something valuable to contribute to the problem solving process;
  • Remind people that inclusion and participation of all in problem solving will lead to more effective solutions;
  • Inspire people to enter this exciting struggle for social justice and to create new professional roles in this struggle; and
  • Inspire and strengthen the profession to take a stronger role in the solution of society’s problems.

More information on SWCOS.