What is SBIRT

SBIRT project‌What is SBIRT?

SBIRT uses a public health approach of universal screening for substance use. Screening can immediately rule out non-problem users and easily identify those who are at risk. SBIRT provides the opportunity to intervene before more serious consequences of substance misuse occur. It also may highlight how the use of sub-stances relates to other challenges in the individual’s life.

SCREENING: universal screening to assess everyone for level of risk regarding substance use, including tobacco, alcohol, prescrip-tion medication and illicit drugs, with validated screening tools.

BRIEF INTERVENTION: motivational and awareness raising brief intervention for those who screen as at risk substance users. Re-search shows that brief interventions are most effective among persons with less severe problems: low and moderate risk sub-stance users.

REFERRAL to TREATMENT: referral to specialty care for those screening as high risk substance users in need of further evalua-tion and treatment.