Why Should Social Works Know SBIRT

SBIRT projectSubstance Use Is Prevalent

Because of the prevalence of substance use in the general population, many clients social workers in-terface with, will be using substances. Universal screening to understand each individual’s level of risk in relation to substance use as well as whether it interfaces with other issues the client presents with, supports our work in both understanding the individual and helping each person live a healthier life.

SBIRT is an evidence-based practice.

There is a growing body of research supporting SBIRT’s effectiveness, espe-cially in reducing alcohol consumption with non dependent, at-risk drinkers.

Implementation of SBIRT is be-coming more and more the standard of care.

Validated screening tools exist for a variety of settings and different populations of clients. Additionally, training new so-cial workers in Best Practices is a re-sponsibility of the profession.

Reimbursement for SBIRT is an option for LCSW-Cs under the Affordable Care Act.