This group is currently without student leadership. If you are interested in serving as a student leader and restarting this group, please contact the Office of Student Services at stservices@ssw.umaryland.edu

Mission Statement/Purpose
TIKKUN, the Jewish Social Work Student organization, promotes events in the school which help raise awareness about Jewish concerns and issues in social work while working towards the goal of “tikkun olam” (repairing the world).Through guest speakers, films, and special events, we help educate the school community about Jewish holidays, rituals, anti-semitism, and the Holocaust. Additionally, we seek to promote unity among Jewish students as well as provide opportunities for students to become leaders in the community.  TIKKUN advocates for the inclusion of Jewish issues on campus as well as in school policies, guidelines and activities. Meeting dates and times are announced in the School of Social Work Bulletin.

Student Leaders: None currently (2021/2022) Student Interest Form

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Corey Shadiamah

TIKKUN Constitution

2021-2022 SGA Leadership Form